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In 2020, Anderson + Bohlander was retained by Third Street Ventures to develop a master plan for a legacy industrial district directly north of the MASS AVE Cultural District in Downtown Indianapolis. The area has long been cut off from the city’s street grid and left out of growth and economic development that adjacent neighborhoods have experienced in the past decade. Our team provided a vision for the overall campus that celebrates its industrial heritage and early twentieth century factory structures. We investigated historic property maps to understand naming and branding potential, which was woven into the concepts. The final plan builds on a series of individual test fitting studies for various infill and rehabilitation efforts that are connected by a series of plazas and streetscaped corridors - all of which connect to the Monon Trail and Cultural Trail. Anderson + Bohlander spent a significant amount of time and effort coordinating with the client, the City of Indianapolis, and property owners, to investigate possibilities for reopening the long vacaged Lewis Street. This critical change allows the district to connect the the Mass Ave Cultural District and the new Bottleworks Development, helping to pull that momentum and energy into North Mass.

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