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midtown anchor coalition




Lead / Real Estate Consultant: Greenstreet Ltd.

Anderson + Bohlander worked with Greenstreet, Ltd. to develop the Midtown Anchor Coalition Plan in 2015. The coalition consists of Butler University, The Indianapolis Museum of Art, Christian Theological Seminary, Crown Hill Cemetery, The International School of Indiana, Butler-Tarkington Neighborhood, Midtown Indianapolis, and Citizens Energy. The plan was formed in several components, including a Framework Plan, Catalyst Projects, and Pitch Kits for various efforts that the coalition agreed to work on together. Anderson + Bohlander developed the graphic content of the documents, and created a number of catalyst projects for the effort, including the infrastructure and development project pieces. Over time, the goal for this coalitions is to work together to create a larger impact in the area that any one group could alone. This document can be used by members of the coalition to build support for initiatives that benefit their own campuses, as well as the larger neighborhood.

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