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king commons development plan




Engagement: Tate Coaching

Anderson + Bohlander was selected as the lead planner for LISC’s Great Places 2020 effort for King Commons. The effort is part of a broad program to create more walkable, urban village locations within the City of Indianapolis, with a focused effort of investment and development in time for the city’s bicentennial in 2020. The plan was comprehensive in scope, with strategies for housing, safety, education, recreation, active public spaces, and mixed-use development. The planning team worked with staff at LISC, a local community advisory team, and city-wide stakeholders throughout the effort to build support. Anderson + Bohlander worked with Tate Coaching to ensure a high-level of community engagement, responding to community desires and concerns, yet balancing this with practical input from industry experts across multiple fields. The plan culminates in a series of renderings and diagrams that capture goals for improvement for physical development, neighborhood housing, public space and infrastructure, and education. The plan for King Commons is to build around the momentum of the Martin Luther King Jr. Street corridor, Watkins Park, and the Flanner House property with denser and more active uses.

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