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Architect:    DkGr Architects

Civil Engineer:  Kimley-Horn

With the departure of Harrison College from their downtown Indianapolis campus, Milhaus Development recognized the opportunity for a new mixed-use development in the now vacated parking lot.  Anderson + Bohlander was brought on to the team to help integrate the new development into the urban fabric of the newly emerging Market East District of downtown.  Integral to the project was a large interior ground-level courtyard that would serve as the central amenity space for the building tenants.  Needing to serve multiple users and multiple program elements, a large center brush stroke of landscape plantings was developed to help break the larger spaces into smaller rooms.  A large overhead structure and bar were incorporated into the south side of the space with an adjacent gas fire pit to serve as the more active zone where tenants could come together to mingle or play a game of ping pong.  A TV wall and outdoor speaker system were incorporated into the design for entertaining, as well a shared grill station.  Hammocks and comfortable lounge seating are available for users that might want to have a more private moment, or get away from the activity to share a conversation with friends.

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