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bear mountain sports complex 




Architect: Design Collaborative / Integrity One 

In the fall of 2023, Anderson+Bohlander collaborated with the architectural team of Design Collaborative and Integrity One  to develop an  exciting new master plan for their future   sports complex.  Currently spread out through town at various locations, and in partnership with other local institutions, the University's athletic programs  are  in need of a centralized sports complex that can  meet their growing needs and developing sports programs.  The Bear Mountain site is an abandoned mining site  to the west of town that looks out over Pikeville and the Levisa Fork    valley.  The Bear Mountain Sports Complex will be home to several    new  sports stadiums to serve  football, soccer, baseball, softball, and track and field.   As one of the leading archery programs in the country, Bear Mountain will also include  a new archery range and 3D archery course as another unique offering at this site.    As an anchor for the community, Pikeville University also sees the future of Bear Mountain as a recreational  asset for the community that can provide access to    public open spaces and walking trails, and offer facilities that support other local youth programs .

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